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Iron Entry Doors - Custom Iron Doors & Iron Entry Doors manufactured by Dynasty Iron Doors

Dynasty Iron Entry Doors are better designed, engineered and constructed - for the more particular customer. Most manufacturers take different pieces of hollow tube and add them together to make their doors and frames. Then they fill their door with putties and fillers to smooth out and hide the welds. Not at Dynasty!!  Dyansty Iron Doors are made of one piece heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel, rolled and formed for consistency, strength and beauty. This allows us to ensure accuracy without excessive welding, which can cause twisting in the frames. Our iron residential entry doors feature a superior finish than those of other manufacturers. Most just use automotive grade paint. We take it a step beyond. Each iron entry door gets a durable zinc epoxy primer to virtually eliminate rust, then an epoxy paint coating before we hand-apply a distinctive, oil-rubbed bronze faux finish for the strongest, most durable finish available. Dynasty's finish has passed all the excelerated weather test to ensure durability for years to come. Whether it’s exposed to sun and heat of Arizona or wind and ocean spray on the coast of Maine, it will hold up to the rigors of any environment.

Besides being better built, our custom iron doors outperform the competition. Our glass door panels are independently hinged and feature a sloped, double seal so water will run off.  We’ve also integrated a threshold into our iron residential entry doors to ensure a proper seal at all times, no matter the construction application. Installation holes are discreetly located in the jam which makes for a cleaner install and trim out of drywall, stucco, brick or stone - whatever your interior or exterior application.

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